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Fire Prevention in Santa Cruz County

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Integrated Regional Water Management Plan

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Local Watershed Plans

"The watershed is defined as a unit of natural or disturbed land on which all the water that falls (or emanates from springs) collects by gravity and fails to evaporate and runs off via a common outlet. The watershed is the basic unit of water supply." - Peter E. Black, Watershed Hydrology, Second Edition, 1996.

There have been Watershed Assessment and Enhancement Plans developed for mutiple watershed in Santa Cruz County including:

Please note the size of the Adobe Acrobat ".pdf" file you are downloading.

Aptos Creek Watershed Assessment and Enhancement Plan
Soquel Creek Watershed Enhancement Plan

Note: Appendixes D and G of the Soquel Creek Watershed Enhancement Plan (Geomorphology / Hydrology Assessment and Erosion Prevention Plan, respectively) are currently down. We are in the process of restoring these two appendices.

Santa Cruz County Maps


Rural Road Erosion Control Assistance Program (RRECAP) Tool Kit

pdfTable of Contents

zipSample Work Program and Grant Proposal

zipSample Outreach and Event Materials

zipTechnical Documents and Private Road Maintenace Guide

zipRoad Project Selection and Evaluations Materials

zipSample Landowner Agreements


Soil Surveys

Soil surveys provide the basic information needed to manage soil sustainability. They also provide information needed to protect water quality, wetlands, and wildlife habitat. Soil surveys are the basis for predicting the behavior of a soil under alternative uses, its potential erosion hazard, potential for ground water contamination, suitability and productivity for cultivated crops, trees, and grasses. Soil surveys are important to planners, engineers, zoning commissions, tax commissioners, homeowners, developers, as well as agricultural producers.

USDA-NRCS Soil Survey Index
Create your own soil map on the web!


Watershed Cruzin' - Watershed Education Guides for Teachers

zipActivity Guides -99.64 MB (Grades 4-12)

zipAppendices A-S -9.49 MB

zipCruzin Light Tip Sheets -2.83 MB (20 Activities)

zipAerial Watershed Images -51.33 MB

zipHistorical Watershed Images -314.99 MB


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Watsonville Sloughs Hydrology Study

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