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Community Water Dialogues

The Community Water Dialogues are an example of a proactive community solution to an archetypal California water dilemma. The Pajaro Valley basin aquifer is widely understood to be in overdraft, resulting in saltwater intrusion into the groundwater resources. For years, the discussion around water in the Pajaro Valley has been contentious, controversial, and unproductive.

In close partnership with landowners and businesses in the Pajaro Valley, the RCD of Santa Cruz County helped lead the community toward a positive and solutions-based approach, forming a voluntary group consisting of farmers, landowners, nonprofit groups, interested private companies, and government agencies. Now the primary goal of working together to address overdraft and the resulting issues is manifesting in on-the-ground, community-led projects, including an innovative water conservation project, managed aquifer recharge, and water storage and delivery projects. The spirit of collaboration created in this project has spilled over to other areas of the community life.

For more information about the Community Water Dialogues, visit their website by clicking here.

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